Hi There,

I'm Rejowan

I’m a Programmer & a Designer
I Play With Code,
I Play With Canvas.

What do I Play with?

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Java is my main work field. I'm Developing Android Apps with Java since 2017. I work with C too. Before that, I was working on Web Design with HTML5 & CSS3. I mainly work on Creating and Developing things.


I am a UX Designer. I design the interface for Android Apps. Frequent with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Also, customize WordPress themes and some Video Editings too.


I can help with my assisting knowledge. I'm frequent with MS Office with high type speed. Have a good hand in Audio Transcribing. I have worked on Data Entry and Lead Generation too.

K M Rejowan Ahmmed

About me

I’m K M Rejowan Ahmmed from Bangladesh. Currently, I’m an undergraduate student studying in Jahangirnagar University. I’m an Android App Developer and a Designer. Currently running a software developing company called Andronius


I’ve worked with a lot of Platforms. I could code an App or Design a Interface. I could make a logo and also could be a assistant by doing jobs on Data Entry or Lead Generation. 

Android App Develop & Design
WordPress Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Video Editing

want to work with me?