K M Rejowan Ahmmed

Java Programmer, Android App Developer & Designer


Java is my primary language for Coding. I've JDK knowledge with Expertise in Android Object Oriented Java Programming, Data Structure and Algorithm, Java Unit Testing

Android SDK

I develop and maintain Android Apps. I use Android Studio as the main IDE. I do create apps from scratch, updating, debugging. Also database as well as maintaining backend services like firebase

Material Design

I create and update existing UI for Apps using Android Material Design Guidelines. I also have experience in creating UI prototypes, XD to XML as well as Responsive Designs too.

My Story

I have always had a great interest in Technologies. When I had a phone with an Internet connection for the first time in my life, I knew I have a strong relationship with it. From then I can’t stop but learned everything I got access to.
I taught myself HTML, CSS and started designing websites. Later on, I discovered myself learning C Programming. Now I’m on the way to being a Backend Software Developer.
I’m currently working on Android App Development with Java. I am working on being more expert on Advanced Java Programming and Kotlin.


Android & Java

Since I’m into programming, I had a fascination with Object-Oriented Programming. Then, I started working with Java Programming and later Android App Development.

I created some Android Applications in my first days of Android App Developing. Now I’m working on developing Open-Source Libraries for Android to help the Community.


I’ve done a bunch of Personal and Client Projects based on Android. Previously, I’ve worked with two different companies where I created and maintained a large number of Android Apps. I’ve created and published some Open Source Android Libraries too.

Cute Toast

Material Design Custom Toast Library for Android

Cute Button

Material Design Custom Button Library for Android

Cute Snack

Material Design Custom Snackbar Library for Android

Number Converter

Android App for Converting and Calculating Numbers